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Experienced Denture Care in The Westshore and Victoria for Immediate Dentures and More

For helpful advice on all your treatment options and denture care in Victoria, consult with the professionals at Kevin Watson Denturist Inc.

Immediate dentures are made by the denturist in advance of the extraction of your natural teeth and are inserted by the dentist immediately after. A checkup with our office is done within 24 hours to remove and clean the denture and to provide further care instructions. Because the denture is made prior to extraction, the mouth will heal and shrink under the denture for approximately 6 months.

During this healing process, we will provide frequent checkups and adjust the denture accordingly. Temporary liners, referred to as tissue conditioners, may be required during this time to help alleviate any discomfort and help stabilize the denture. Approximately 6 months after the extractions, when healing is complete, we will take a new impression of your mouth and reline the denture to achieve a final comfortable and functional fit.


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