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Satisfied Denture Patients in Victoria, Sooke & Beyond

With 30 years of denture experience, Kevin Watson Denturist Inc. is a trusted source in Victoria for complete and professional denture care, including fittings, maintenance and repairs. Kevin and his team strive to make every appointment with our denture patients in Victoria as comfortable and efficient as possible. We’re proud to have established a solid reputation within The Westshore denture community. Read a few testimonials from our satisfied clients below. Give us a call to book your next visit.

Best Ever Dentist and Staff


My first visit to see Kevin Watson was Oct./2023 after losing a tooth and my dentist was able to do a root canal but I had to wait for three months to get my implant and having a lost tooth in the front of my mouth was hard to deal with. Kevin Watson took my partial and made a tooth that would help me get through the waiting period and the holidays. January 2024 I went back with help needing repairs and he was there to help me again....all I can say is he and his staff are the best ever!! Thank you for giving me something to smile about!!

- Marie M.

Professional and Empathetic Dentists


For years, I sported an upper partial denture but the time came that a full denture was required. Needless to say, I was nervous and saddened that the time had come to have the few remaining teeth removed. The dentist recommended Dr. Watson.... a few months later, a denture was in place, a smile was back and most of all, my adult children noticed that I was smiling more, and more engaging.... what a great gift to myself...The bottom line, it may take courage to take the first step, but it takes a team to make it happen and the best team I can say is Dr. Watson & Sonya. Professional, kind, empathetic, caring.... Here's smiling back at ya.

- Lynne C.

As Good as it Gets

I believe this was as good of an experience as it gets. They are super friendly and treated me like an individual and not a number. The staff is so helpful and warm. I didn't realize how much I avoided people and any social situations before my new teeth. Now, with my new dentures, I feel my confidence is back, and am really enjoying talking with people again. Keven Watson is so good at what he does, he is an incredible artist. I now have a beautiful smile that I can be proud of, something I've never had. Thank you so, so much Kevin and Staff. You rock!!!

- Sammie L.

Beyond Pleased

“To say I am "beyond pleased" doesn't seem enough. My first experience with any type of denture, and my first surprise was that it didn't feel as intrusive as I thought it would. A great fit (how does he figure this out before all the teeth are removed), and then a week later in for adjustments and it fits EVEN BETTER!! I have no hesitation whatsoever to recommending Kevin and his team. He and Sonya create a very calm and relaxed atmosphere.”

- Janet M.

So Thankful

“I CAN SMILE AGAIN!!!!! I'm really so happy with my new dentures they fit well and I love them. I'm so thankful to Sonya and Dr. Watson they are so wonderful they really make sure that you are fully happy and satisfied on their service. They are so honest and pay attention to every detail specially when you tell them what the problem is. The reason that I came across at Dr. Watson's clinic is that I was having a problem with my dentures before so I consult new dentist and they recommend me to his office, I'm so happy to make that choice. THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. KEVIN WATSON and SONYA... you guys are amazing.”

- Norielyn A.


Happy Experience 

“Happy Experience I guess when one is in their late 70’s, one should expect some things to fall down or fall out. It was devasting to find that I needed a partial denture and was referred by my dentist to Kevin Watson. What I noticed first was the ‘calm’ in his office. It did wonders for my nerves. Second thing was the kindness with which Kevin spoke and answered all my questions. The part of my experience that I truly valued was Kevin’s thoroughness and precision to the work required in getting a perfect fit. If perfection is attainable in the practice of denturists then Kevin hit the nail on the head. I am so happy with the outcome. Great job and all I had to do was open my mouth.”

- Frances S.

Dentures are Perfect

Thank you Kevin and Sonja for all your care and kindness you extended to me over the last many years I've been coming to you for my denture needs. I always have questions and you always have the right answers for me. My dentures are perfect and have my happy smile back again. Thank you for all your support.

- Diane M.

Excellent, Professional Denturist

I have no hesitation recommending Kevin Watson as an excellent, Professional Denturist. The partial denture he crafted for me immediately fit comfortably. Thank you Kevin for restoring my ability to eat and smile with confidence!

- Maryanne W.

It’s So Great to Smile Again

Kevin and his team are fantastic! It's so great to smile again with confidence.. - Leigh S.

Wonderful Experience

The staff was very kind and informative, Dr Watson did a beautiful job on my smile giving me back my confidence. Wonderful experience.

- Jennifer Z.

Really Pleased

I am really pleased with my new partial, the fit is great and no issues with soreness. - Joyce


Gentle & Professional

I got my smile back. As a result of a bad fall I had to have dental surgery to remove some crowns and posts, when I awoke in the recovery room I was shocked to find out I had to have a bone graft during the surgery and all my upper teeth were removed, being a middle aged lady I was devastated by this.
Kevin Watson assured me from the beginning that he could get my smile back and he did, I felt at ease with every appointment due to his kind and gentle nature, explaining every step along the way.
I am a petite lady with a small mouth and was very concerned that I would end up with huge looking teeth, this is not the case at all, I now have the nicest set of upper dentures matched to my original teeth with a partial plate on the bottom, both pieces are so comfortable I am having no problem getting used to them at all.
I highly recommend Kevin Watson, both himself and Sonia were so gentle & professional through out the whole process, they gave me back my smile !
Thank you Kevin Watson and Sonia. - Michelle O.


Highly Recommended

I had a set of dentures made elsewhere and they never fit. I was recommended to Dr. Watson. After weekly visits for a month, I received my new set. I am so happy! My other set was so bad, I went for 6 months of not wearing the bottoms, as he wanted to wait until my gums were completely healed. So happy to eat normal food again. They were so nice there that I feel I have been going there forever. I will highly recommend him. - Beatrice Bown


Professional Care and Understanding

I was introduced to Dr. Watson by Todd Jones who did implants. From the beginning, Dr. Watson was able to help me through the process of receiving a first time denture with professional care and understanding which goes with this new experience for me.

I now have a smile that I have the confidence and knowledge that I have received the best possible care and attention to my needs as one hopes to receive and so happy to received.

Thanks to Dr. Watson and his wonderful team for their life time experience in helping people in this matter! - Austin H.


Great Service

I am very pleased with the very great service that I received from Dr. Watson. Had my upper denture re-filled and then a new lower partial made to fit my upper. A very good outcome.


Perfect Smile

I can't Thank Kevin and his team enough they gave me my perfect smile!... after not being able to smile for 16 years be able to smile again is just amazing ! Words can't describe how beautiful my teeth are and how amazing I feel Thank you so much. - Angela Lynn


Professional Care

I received very professional care from Kevin when I was fitted for my first partial denture. I can highly recommend Kevin for any dental work that you need. - Theresa Tomalin


No More PTSD

I have always had a huge PTSD and trauma when going for any dental work due to some traumatic events in my past. Because of this, I should have visited a dentist regularly but didn’t do 20+ years. Although I performed excellent oral hygiene at home, I still needed some work. Due to this, I had some issues with upper teeth and was very self-conscious. I wouldn’t smile, open my mouth, couldn’t eat properly. Eventually, I summoned the courage (with the help of sedation, the only way I can get work done) to see a dentist and, as a result, dr. Watson. I was really apprehensive and scared. It is a huge step to have teeth removal and a prosthesis. I am glad I did. I can now smile dans have myself-co. - Anonymous 


Very Careful and Thorough Person

He is a very pleasant, careful & thorough person who takes time to explain any question a person may have. Very good experience going to that office.- Marie T.


Highly Recommend Dr Kevin Watson

I am a veteran who had all my teeth removed, both upper and lower. I was referred to Kevin Watson who constructed my dentures and fitted them 2 1/2 years ago. My top dentures that Dr Watson made were perfect and remained excellent with a fantastic fit. My lower dentures were great at first, using Polygrip to hold them in, but after two years, due to my medications and the acidity in my mouth, my lower dentures would constantly come loose while eating. So, I went back to Kevin Watson and requested implants. His receptionist, Sonja, with the request from Kevin, referred me to see Dr Todd Jones for implants. Dr Jones is also a veteran and super great specialist that I actually had the pleasure of working with during my service, as I was in the medical field as well. Dr Jones assessed me and said that I would be a good candidate for implants. Dr Jones/Dr Watson and their team went to bat for me and wrote letters to veterans affairs requesting approval for implants for my lower denture. Because of their fantastic approach, I was approved for implants. Dr Jones went ahead and put in four posts in my lower jaw. Dr Watson then took over my care, making a new mould for me and got everything ready once my implants healed up. He then fitted my denture on the implants, and for the first time, I was able to eat solid food without my teeth coming loose. My final denture with all the parts and clips was ready by October 6th - one day before my birthday. So, finally, I went out for my Birthday supper and had a wonderful steak without any difficulty - something which I have not been able to eat comfortably in a long time. Thank you Kevin Watson and your very friendly and knowledgeable team. I highly recommend Dr Kevin Watson. If you want a friendly place to go to, go with him and his amazing staff. Their outstanding work will make your smile the best. Also, Dr Watson has not only made me confident in eating and smiling perfectly, he is also a very caring man when it comes to supporting our troops and our soldiers in the group. Once again, Kevin, thank you so much.- Chris R.


Very Impressed & Happy With the End Result

After deciding to replace my failing teeth with top and bottom implants, my dentist recommended Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson’s 31 years of experience gave me hope that I would be happy with the end result. I am more than happy. Everything about this experience exceeded all of my expectations. There were no shortcuts and all work was done with precision. The front end is run by Sonja. This lady is one of the most organized people I have met in my 73 years. I strongly recommend Dr. Watson and his team. You will be happy!!!- TJ B.


Caring and Understanding

I am so thrilled to share my experience with receiving dentures at Kevin Watson's office. Kevin and Sonia have been so caring and understanding through this whole process and answering all my questions. My dentures are so natural looking and totally suit me! I highly recommend Kevin to anyone, he is amazing! Thank you for giving me my smile back :) -Tracy C


My Quality of Life and Self-Esteem Has Improved

I am a wounded multi-tour veteran who, as a direct result of my injuries, required the removal of all my teeth. Kevin Watson constructed my dentures and fitted them three years ago. Regretfully, no matter how much Polygrip I used, they still would pop out and eating food was more than a challenge; I went back to my dentist and requested implants. The senior dentist saw me and said l was not a good candidate for implants.

For two years I would not wear my dentures as they were uncomfortable, and I would not smile and only eat soft food. My quality of life was extremely low. My medical professional recommended that I get my dentures realigned, so I saw Kevin. I shared with him what the other dentist group said and he expressed dismay and recommended that I see Doctor Todd Jones (a specialist). Doctor Jones (who is also a veteran) assessed me and said I would be a good candidate for implants. I must share with you that in reference to dental work I’m a bit of a coward; in fact on my files it said, “don’t go into this man’s mouth without sedating him”. Nevertheless, the fantastic team of Jones/Watson not only educated me, but fortified my treatment with step-by-step communication and ensured that my fears were unfounded. In fact during the implant procedure in which Doctor Jones was placing the six implants in, I could be heard laughing as we were joking around. Staff for both offices was second to none, ensuring a seamless delivery of patient care.

Kevin fitted the dentures on the implants and for the first time I’ve been able to eat solid food with ease now. In fact on my birthday I had steak, which I have not been able to eat for over two years now. But the best result of the hard work of Kevin’s is my smile! Since Kevin fitted my teeth, people have been noticing my smile and saying that it lights up the room. Hence my quality of life has improved along with my self-esteem. Thank you Kevin Watson, and it is without reservation that I highly recommend your good office, especially if one wants down to earth friendly service.-Jim M.


The Best Dentures I’ve Ever Had
I've been a full denture wearer for 45 years and gone through about 10 sets of dentures over the years. These new dentures that Kevin has made me are the best I've ever had. The fit is amazing and they look better than any I've ever had before. Five Stars for Kevin!-John Y.


Very Gentle and Patient

I was recommended by my dentist to go and see Kevin. I have never been so happy. I have teeth that stay in my mouth. I needed a bottom plate, and as most people know, bottom plates don't stay in very well. Kevin is very gentle and patient. I would recommend Kevin anytime. It is so nice to be able to smile with confidence. Thanks Kevin. -Sharon W.


Best of Care

I have been a patient of Kevin's since 2002 - throughout the whole experience I have received the best of care and great and timely service. A year or so ago Kevin recommended that I would benefit greatly from having implants installed in my lower jaw bone as I was experiencing significant bone loss and my lower plate was getting sloppy and hard to hold in place, this was the best of advice as now I can eat corn on the cob just as well as I could when I had my own original teeth...very solid great fit. - David W.

Great Fitting Dentures at a Great Price
My sister has a strong gag reflex, so when we initially chose a denturist close to where we live to make her new dentures, they did not fit well enough for her to wear them. ($5,000 + tax down the drain) Although Kevin Watson is about a half hour drive away (vs 10 minutes) we have been greatly impressed by the way in which he has been able to work with my sister to get all the impressions made with minimal discomfort. Her new dentures actually fit, so she is willingly getting accustomed to wearing them. Therefore, I expect within in a month she will be wearing them all day and eating a full range of foods. As well as getting dentures that fit well, Kevin actually costs less that his competitors in town! I would unconditionally recommend his services, well worth the drive into deepest of Colwood. - David G.

Very Professional, Pleasant and Thorough
As a patient of Kevin Watson, I found him to be very professional, pleasant, friendly and very thorough. I would highly recommend him to my friends. - N. Fletcher

Best Decision I Ever Made
I first became a patient of Kevin Watson in 1996. I had a full set of dentures: upper and lower. The upper plate was never or hardly ever a problem. It was a different story with the lower plate. In 2009, Kevin suggested I consider implants and gave me some information to read. I decided to have the implants done. The actual implants were done by a dental surgeon. Kevin made a new set of dentures for me. It was the best decision I ever made! No more sore gums. I have regular check-ups and Kevin is always very thorough and professional. - Evelyn L.

Giving Me My Smile Back
I cannot praise Kevin enough for the wonderful job he has done in giving me my smile back and a happier me! As you age, your teeth age also and although I had good dental plans over the years and have taken relatively good care of my teeth, it was my time to get my smile back. From the first appointment, Kevin exuded confidence in his treatment for me. It only took a couple of fittings and everything fit perfectly. There was no need to keep going back to fine tune as he’s got the fine touch and got it right. I recommend Kevin to anyone who is interested in an affordable, fabulous smile. I can pretty well eat anything I want! Kevin and his team are awesome. - Wendy D.

Exceptional Services
Kevin has been my denturist for more than 16 years. During this time, he has provided exceptional services. From basic needs to extensive surgery, such as implants, I have relied on his expertise knowing the procedures would have positive results. Mr. Watson looks after his patients with care and kindness. I highly recommend him and his staff. - Betty B.

I Couldn’t Be Happier
A family member recommended I go in to see Kevin as she had been a happy customer for more than 20 years. After having poor fitting dentures for a number of years, I had grown tired of going to see my denturist at that time and had accepted that my dentures needed to be secured with messy denture adhesive which had to be applied after eating, so several times a day.

When I went in to see Kevin, he fixed the problem immediately! He then went to work on making me a new set of dentures. During this process I found Kevin to be very personable and professional and with great attention to detail. I am absolutely thrilled with my new dentures, no more messy adhesive and they look very natural! I couldn't be happier! 
- Penny M.

Kevin Makes Sure You’re Satisfied
Kevin Watson has been my denturist for 21 years and I would recommend him and his services to whoever asked about him.

The reason I have had him for all these years is because he knows his way around his profession very well. After your dentures are finished and set in your mouth, it does not stop there. A couple days go by and you have a sore spot, he takes you back in and fixes the problem with a little polishing and you’re back on your way. You can do this as many times as you need as Kevin makes sure you are satisfied with the fit.

He is a people person and could get along with anybody. He is honest and a very likable person. 
- Judy H.

Made a World of Difference to My Confidence

Thanks again Kevin for all the help and painstaking work you preformed on my dentures. You've made a world of difference to my confidence - David G.


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