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Precision Dentures

Precision dentures are customized to each individual by using finer technical measurements, processing in higher quality acrylics and using more aesthetic and durable teeth. The process of making precision dentures takes approximately 7 appointments from starting impressions to the final checkup. The end result is a more comfortable, customized and aesthetically pleasing denture.

Standard Dentures

Standard Dentures allow for some customization but not to the same degree as the precision dentures. The process takes fewer appointments and uses more standard acrylic teeth. Standard dentures fit most people comfortably and function well.

Could you benefit from immediate dentures? Our denturist can answer all of your questions.

For Complete or Partial Dentures Contact Our Clinic

Our office likes to provide our patients with choices. Whether you require a complete set or partial dentures, our clinic in The Westshore can help. We start the process of constructing new dentures with a complimentary consultation. At this appointment we discuss the needs and wants of the patient and provide details and costs pertaining to the type of dentures that best suit their needs.


Stay in Touch

We’re always happy to hear from our new and returning patients.

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