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As our mouths are continuously changing, our dentures require regular checkups and maintenance. If the tissue in the mouth has shrunk, the denture can be relined to improve the fit and stability of the appliance.

This process requires the patient to come in to the office in the morning where we take a new impression of their tissue. We then add denture base material to the denture to fill the areas where the appliance is loose.

This procedure is done in our in-house lab and is returned to you the same afternoon.


Rebasing is essentially the same process as a reline except instead of just filling the areas over the existing denture base, the whole pink base is removed and replaced. This is usually done when the denture has had multiple repairs over time or has become very thin.


If a denture is cracked, broken or a tooth has chipped or come off just bring the denture in and we will repair it for you, NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED! If the denture is brought in early enough in the day we will likely have it back to you in just a couple of hours.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Same-Day Relines, Rebases and Denture Repairs in The Westshore and Victoria

Are you looking for fast, reliable denture repairs in The Westshore area? Kevin Watson Denturist Inc. can help.


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